Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Run

This was my first run since the Johnny's 5miler & it was much easier than I thought it would be!! I ran the canal path near/around UofR (before class), and went 30 min out and 30 back. I think I got in around 5 miles at a nice jogging pace. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a nice afternoon run (around 45/50 and sunny). I felt really good, my lungs were nice and clear and my breathing was very even. That has been my biggest problem lately, keeping my breathing under control. The chest cold definitely didn't help and I think the inhaler's are keeping the lungs nice and open. I'll head out for another run with my dog tomorrow, so it will be a shorter, less focused run.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Running.....Again....

Seriously! So the chest cold got worse over the weekend and decided to make a dr's appt yesterday to see what was going on. I feel alright, I'm just coughing so violently that I give myself a headache and every part of my body hurts!! Ugh! Anyway, the doctor gave me a nebulizer (sp?) treatment in the office and then sent me home with prescriptions for an aggressive steriod treatment to open up my lungs along with an antibiotic and an inhaler. Seriously. My doctor is also a runner and absolutely forbade me from running outside for a while. She even told me to cut back on the gym workouts for a few days. Not loving that idea. Anyway, I think I'll head back to the gym tomorrow, it will have been 3 days since I last exercised. We'll see how that goes!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Johnny's Runnin of the Green

What a beautifully perfect day for a run!! Seriously! It was around 40-45 degrees with virtually no wind and lots of sun. Simply fantastic running weather.....and St. Patty's Day parade weather!

It wasn't my best run, but I still had a good time. Lucky me came down with another chest cold, along with a very nasty cough on Friday, so my lungs weren't exactly ready to be put to the test on a 5 mile run! Within the first mile I could feel whatever was in my lungs start to rattle, but I was already out there so I figured I'd just run it and deal with it after!

I'm aiming for the Spring Forward 15K on April 5th as my next run. Let's see how quickly I can get over this chest cold and get back out there training!

Happy Running!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Running Update....

Today marked my longest run since the hip injury and it felt good!! Not only did it feel good to run, but if felt fantastic to be able to go outside and run in the beautiful 50 degree weather! I ran with my friend Diane and her daughter Heather and we started on the canal path in Fairport. Diane's house is 5.2 miles from where we started, so we ran along the canal and then headed to her house to finish. We then drove back to the start to pick up our cars. It felt great to get out there and just start running again!! I had some little pains in my hip, but I think it's just residual pains. We are doing the same loop on Tuesday afternoon b/c we are trying to get ready for Johnny's Running of the Green 5 mile run on March 14th. I was freaking out a little because I hadn't been running alot and I knew we were going to do this run, but after today, I'm feeling a bit better. I'm excited that running season is about to begin!!! I'll have to step up the running b/c we will be doing a very hilly 15K the beginning of April as well!!! Ugh!!

I have yet to decide what marathon I'm going to work toward, but it will definitely be in the fall and I'm leaning toward Niagara Falls.....I mean really, how awesome would it be to not only run across the Peace Bridge, but also the border!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gold's Gym Body Transformation Challenge

The challenge has been wonderful again this year!! I have been attending the small group sessions as well as the Wednesday night circus workouts when I can. We are now at the end of week 7 of the challenge and the workouts are certainly getting much more challenging!! While I haven't been as dedicated to the program in the first 6 weeks, I still had some weight loss as well as losing some body fat percentage points at the mid program weigh in. I feel much stronger and feel that my core is much tigher as we have been working a great deal on strengthing the core. The plank position is my new best friend!! Overall my experiences have been wonderful in the program and I'm very much looking forward to being much more dedicated for the second half of the challenge!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Update Post.....

To bring my blog up to date!! I can't believe it's been soooo log since I last wrote....in fact, an entire month has gone by The chaos began when my husband, Alex, was laid off (yes, we became victims of this fabulous economy). I haven't been working b/c it's my last semester of graduate school and I'm finishing my internship and thesis this semester, so that put us in a bit of a bind. I started working crazy hours at different places and then landed a long term subbing position in the city school district as a School Counselor. I've been doing that over the past month and it has kept me crazy busy and completely off the computer!! I also was waiting for my "new" computer to arrive b/c we had to send my husbands computer back to his company after the layoff. Anyway, long story short, he has been interviewing all over and is headed to Baltimore next week to interview with another company. This would be a perfect position for him and they seem to love him, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

As for my running and the Body Challenge program, I have been doing a little, but haven't been as focused on the exercise and running as I should be. I've been so focused on what is happening within our lives, that I haven't had much time to dedicate mentally to my exercise goals. Also, due to the changes in our lives, Derek and I will not be doing San Diego and we are thinking about what marathon we can look forward to in the Fall.

I will certainly be more diligent about posting now that I'm bringing the blog up to speed! I left it for so long, the update seemed overwhelming!! Of course, with the weather change, I will be running much more frequently!