Monday, April 20, 2009

Yay Mark!!!

Congratulations to my friend Mark on his kick butt finish in today's Boston Marathon!! You rocked that course with a 3:26:21 finish time and a 7:53 pace. Great job!!

Congrats to all who ran in Boston today! What a race!! The women once again had a very exciting finish with the top 3 shoulder to shoulder within 600 meters of the finish. Unfortunately USA's Kara Goucher fell back after leading for a good part of the race, but she still placed an awesome third!! The top two women crossed the finish line with 1 second between them!! On the men's side, USA also had a great third place finish with Ryan Hall!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Out.....

I'm taking a blog/run time out so I can complete my master's thesis. It's my final step in reaching graduation and is completely consuming me. While a good run would certainly be helpful, they will most likely be few and far between since I can barely tear myself away from my computer to even eat!!

I'll get back online the end of the month, as my goal is to turn in the project on April 28th. Graduation is on May 16th and quickly approaching!! I can't believe I'm actually in the home stretch after 4 long years of working toward this degree!! Yay me!!

In the mean time, happy running!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Social, Happy Hour Run

Thank you Fleet Feet for a fabulous happy hour run starting and ending at The Social on East Ave.!! I had a great time, it was fantastic running weather and the post run buffet (thank you Social) was super yummy. We did a 3.5 mi trek down East Ave, across Culver, over to Monore, and then back toward East on Alexander St. Linda and I ran the first half of the run together and then I lost her b/c I fell behind going up a hill. I then met and ran with a guy named Mark and his daughter who he was pushing in a running stroller. We had a great conversation to finish out the run.

A perfect night and I already have the next Social run on my calendar.....May 14th!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meaghan's 5K & Weather Disaster

Yesterday morning Derek & I ran in our first 5K of the season, Meaghan's 5K. Although, I think we must have lost our minds for a little bit because the weather was insane!! I don't know that I will ever agree to run in weather as bad as that again!! Seriously.....and I've run in some pretty bad weather, but today was a perfect storm combo (Rain, Sleet, Snow, Freezing Temps, & Extreme Winds). We were discussing our Turkey Trot Run from '07 where we ran in rain, cold and had to end in Webster park down a mud slicked hill and then trudge through inches of mud to get to the finish line, only to find out that the mud was so bad the timing equipment disconnected and no one received times. Sweet. Or better yet, last July when we ran the Jungle Jog in a torrential downpour. It was fine and the minute the gun went off, the thunder cracked & the skies opened up on us. Still, I would take both of those experiences over yesterday.

The weather was consistently horrible throughout the entire race, there was no letting up at all. This actually drove me to run hard so I could finish as soon as possible! I was making good time and potentially headed for a PR, until I turned a corner in the last mile and was hit with winds that were blowing my legs out from under me and rain/sleet that was coming down sideways and pelting my face. WTF??? I was spewing a few choice words under my breath at this point and my pace went into the toilet. Finishing was all I could think about. Our final steps included 1 time around the track at Victor HS and then we were done, except, the back side of the track put us back into the crazy winds, so sprinting to the finish was nearly out of the question. Anyway, I finished, didn't have a horrible time, and physically felt good....even though my breathing was labored from the cold and wind.

Next up, Happy Hour run @ The Social next Thursday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Week

Running has been great this week! I've put in 5 days of running, along with my gym workouts, which makes this week the most consistent running week since my busted hip. I'm not breaking any PR's or anything, but I'm feeling incredibly comfortable with the longer distances, which is nice. I think the next step is to push it a little harder so I can begin to improve my times. Again, nothing crazy, I just want to get back to my pace from last summer. This weekend will be my first official 5K since September which will give me a sense of where I'm at right now and what I need to do moving forward.