Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Had a nice 5 mile jog/walk yesterday!  It pretty much rocked because it was on one of my favorite trails in Rochester.  It was a gorgeous day, not quite as hot and steamy as it's been lately!

I felt pretty good for a few miles and took it easy for a mile or so.  Don't want to kill my recovery process....finally taking deep breaths without pain!  :) 

I'm still fairly far behind in my marathon training, but I feel that this is a step in the right direction!
Happy Summer Running!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Injury rundown

# 1 Injury:

Who knew tubing would take a month off of my running/workout schedule??  Ugh!

I spent 4th of July weekend at my friend's lakehouse in Canandaigua, which was an absolute blast!  We went tubing and I flew from the tube, clearly I had to redeem myself and got on again.  The second time I held on for dear life, but after a few hard hitting waves and some quick turns by Terry, I once again flew from the tube.  Unfortunately, this time hitting the water felt like hitting a rock!  I felt my entire rib cage crush and then my body went into shock.  My lifejacket was my savior that day!  I floated for a minute b/c I couldn't move right away, and then they pulled me back into the boat.  I was sore for the rest of the day, and was just hoping I didn't do any serious damage!

Over the next few days, I was REALLY sore and was having a hard time moving around, breathing, laughing, coughing, and pretty much anything that required my rib's.  In fact, one sneeze brought me to tears!  With Boilermaker only a few days away, I decided to visit my doctor (who is also a runner) and have her take a look.  Initially she thought I cracked a few ribs...SERIOUSLY?!?!  After x-rays she called me and said no cracks massive bruising.  Cool, I can still run Boilermaker and go from there.  Little did I know, this injury takes forever to heal!!!!  I'm still feeling some soreness and it's been a month since it happened.  At least now I can take deep breaths and run and get back into the gym.  In fact, this is my first week back at the gym in a month.  Hopefully this is the end of it!

# 2 Injury

Foot/Calf Cramps!!!  I've talked about this a few times and have learned that I never really recovered from when I first had Plantar Fasciitis.  While the pain decreased, it never really went away.  I've just been running through it, but recently, I can't get up over 9 miles without the massive foot/arch cramps that ultimately make it difficult to continue running.  I'm also waking up with the heel pain and end up hobbling around for a while until it loosens up.  So, in order to continue running and get through this the right way, I'm increasing my stretching exercises, adding Yoga to my training, and working to strengthen my feet, ankles, and calves.  In a little over a month I'll run the Rochester half and will hopefully see a difference in the cramping and pain! 

I have 3 months to Marine Corps and with a lot of focus and hard work, I should be able to get myself into acceptable marathon condition!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Updates to come

I've been struggling with my running as well as injuries, so as I'm easing back into the swing of training, I'm hoping to get back on top of blogging!

13 weeks to Marine Corps Marathon! Let's see if I can pull it together and get back on track!