Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Shoes!!

I can't believe I forgot to mention my new running sneakers!! Love them so much!!
Of course, they are still my Brooks Adrenaline's, but they are new and comfy and I just love them.

I took them out for a few spins last week during my 4/7/4 mile weekday runs. They felt fantastic.
Yay for new running sneakers!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting back on track & nasty little bugs!!

Taking a injury prevention time out is where I've been! I'm having some problems with my feet again (heel pain mostly, some pain on outside of rt foot as well). So, in light of that....and not wanting to be in the same predicament as last summer (plantar stuff), I took some time from running and dedicated it to gym work. I spent a little over a week just spinning and doing boot camp at Gold's. I did some short runs, 3 miles max, but that was about it. I figured if I could nip this now, then I could still jump right back into marathon training.

I got back to the running this past week doing my 4m, 7m, 4m weekday runs. I also did 2 spinning classes and 2 boot camp classes. Awesome jump back into it and I felt good on the runs. I was especially looking forward to the 12 mile run for this past weekend. On Friday, I had to mow the backyard and while mowing, something (A bug of some sort) jumped out of the ground and zapped me! Wouldn't have been a big deal except the searing pain I felt wasn't like a regular bee sting or bug bite. I did a few more passes around the lawn before I decided to go in and ice it. I was in that much pain!! WTF?? It felt like someone put a hot poker to the back of my calf and the pain just radiated throughout my lower leg. Awesome! I iced, finished the yard, and went about the rest of my day. Still had some pain, but I was trying to ignore.

I got up Saturday morning and the red area had tripled in size and it was extraordinarily painful!! Seriously?? It was a bug bite! On my husband's suggestion, I took some Advil and put some Benadryl lotion over the area. Neither of these things helped. We went out with some friends and had dinner/movie/drinks, and by the time we got to drinks, my leg was swollen, my ankle was starting to disappear and it was bright red and hot to the touch. Not a good sign.

I figured I'd see how it looked by Monday morning and call my doctor if it was worse, however, I didn't make it to today. I got up yesterday morning, again in terrible pain and I totally had a cankle at this point. In fact, the swelling was well into my foot. So, once the house was ready for the Open House, I decided to head over to Urgent Care and have them take a look at my leg. Turns out it was an infection (Cellulitis) and it started from whatever bit me. I even had a fever when I got there! I had no idea.

So now, I sit here, not discussing my 12 mile run, but discussing the fact that I'm couch bound with my leg propped and heavily medicated. While I'm feeling groggy today, I feel that my leg already looks a bit better.....well it's at least not as warm and red as it was yesterday. If I wake up tomorrow and the swelling it all gone and it looks a lot better, I will try for my 12 miler.

In fact, if I'm feeling better later today, I may try to head over to the gym for a mini workout. I hate just sitting on the couch!! Although it's raining and in the 60's, so it a perfect day to have to be immobile!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My New Little Friend

The SPIbelt! You make me so happy! Your little polka dotted self carrying around all my junk while I run. You are a true runner's companion that doesn't add lots of baggage. Thank you!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sports Bras-R-Us

Those of you who know me, know I'm not what you would call small chested.....or even medium chested. Therefore, running has been somewhat of a challenge at times. Working to keep the girls in order while pounding out the miles is no small task! I've not been above multiple sports bras to keep them in line! It's almost become a science with extensive research, trying, jumping up an down in dressing rooms, well, you get the picture.

About a year ago I was turned onto the Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra which I totally love! It does the trick and is designed for women like me. However, I am in search of a racer back sports bra and thinking I might try the Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra. Has anyone tried this one or another racer-back bra that would work for the not-so-small-chested??

Well, that's enough about that for today! Happy Running!

Next time.....

I try to shorten a long run I will just tell myself NO! It's Tuesday and guess what gang....no 11 miles yet! I fell victim. Not to say I haven't run or exercised (60 min of spinning yesterday was fantastic). So, my goal is to do the 11 first thing tomorrow morning. This works well this week b/c I won't get to my next long run until Tuesday next week. I'll just have to get back on track after that, meaning, long runs on sat/sun. Alright....off to mow the lawn!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Might have changed it up a bit.....

So my long run should have been 11 today....but I did 6. Just wasn't feeling the other 5 this morning. I think I started too late in the morning and just didn't have it in me. It's alright, I'll do it tomorrow. It's nice being off all summer, makes the training schedule must easier to manage! Now, what do I do when school starts again?? I'm thinking 5am pre schooltime runs may be in my future!

It was such a fantastic run this morning! Lots of people out running, walking, and biking...all saying hi and smiling. Love it! The sun was shining with a perfect summer breeze....does it get better than that?

AND....I love days like today where I can get my run on and my tan on! Sweet! Nothing like multitasking!

Week 4 is in the books.....14 more weeks to go before I'll be standing at the start line in NYC (or Staten Island to be exact!)