Monday, March 17, 2008

My Best Run Yet.......

So, after this weekend, I'm feeling revived and refocused. The 2008 Running season began with a 5 mile Runnin of the Green, and I finally broke my longstanding 11 min pace per mile plateau!! Now, before you start laughing at my slowness, I need to explain that I only started running last May (wow, it's almost been 1 year!) and my average pace for most of last year was between 11:30-12 min miles. Pretty pathetic......but, I endured through numerous 5K's, a 5 miler, two 10K's, a world famous 15K (Boilermaker), and a 1/2 marathon! I have earned my spot as a back of the pack runner and I am very proud of what I have accomplished just for myself.

I have kind of been on a running hiatus b/c I was so frustrated that I couldn't break 11 min. My best 5K, and time overall, was 11:19 min miles last summer. Having difficulties breaking through this plateau, caused me to hang up my running sneakers for a bit to refocus on my health and weight. I ran on and off, but nothing like the training I did last summer.....and I had packed on a good deal of post running weight to boot!

So, here it is, the start of the 2008 running season, and I've been working out like a mad women, running on the treadmill, and just focusing on overall health. It has finally paid off!!! This past Saturday, I finally broke my 11 min mile plateau during a 5 mile Runnin of the Green for St. Paddy's Day! I am very happily starting this running season at a 10:50 min mile! There is hope yet! So, here I am, ready to go and I couldn't feel better! I can't wait to do my first 5K and see if I can finally break 35 min. I am officially setting my 1st 5K (April 19, 2008) goal for this year at finishing in 34 minutes. There it I'm going to the gym!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Long week....

For some reason, I feel as though this has been the longest week ever! I don't know what it is, because it certainly isn't any longer than any other week. Maybe it's because next week is a short week? Or, I'm simply exhausted from maintaining my work, school, and home lives. I'm just not as young as I used to be...... I could do everything for everyone, be everywhere, and exist on minimal sleep. That's how I kept is all going. But, it's different now. I can't keep it all going and I feel like I'm losing my grip on some parts of my life. Sounds strange, I know, but ugh, I just need a break! I made a decision today......I'm only taking one course in summer session A. I was going to try for two courses, but I would be in class every night of the week for 6 weeks in the summer!! What was I thinking?? Momentary brain loss, that's what I'll attribute it to. I can still graduate next May without killing myself this summer. Anyway, I just wanted to vent for a few minutes. I'm tired, I have been at work since 8 am and I still have 5 hours of grad school tonight. Maybe that is contributing to my absolute exhaustion and feeling that this week is the longest week ever!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


WHEN IS IT GOING TO END!??!! I realize I live in Rochester, NY, but come on, how long is winter going to hang around? We got hit with another 15in of snow over the weekend.....and not just snow, snow mixed with sleet, freezing rain, and these lovely little pellets that were hurled out of the sky at us. I simply cannot wait for a beautiful 60 degree day to roll around. I'm sore as hell from snowblowing for an hour yesterday and then shoveling for another 1/2 hour, although, on the upside, I had a great workout!! Anyway, enough of the whining. Hopefully, someday soon, this will end. I mean really, spring is in 10 days.......RIGHT! Until then, I just might remain a disgruntled Rochestarian.