Monday, January 31, 2011

Tofu Fried Rice (w/Brown Rice)

Yum!! I had tofu and was planning my tofu and bean threads dish.....except I'm in the process of moving and almost all of my stuff is packed and now at my parents house! So, when I tried to make the dish, I realized I didn't have what I needed for the recipe. This is where I began to improvise! Yes, that's right, me.....potentially the worst cook around! :)

My improvising, included tofu, low sodium soy sauce, brown rice, mixed veggies, and eggs. What does that make?? Tofu Fried Rice! I'm soooo proud of myself!! I didn't even measure anything (except the rice). This is a first for me. But, I need to start learning to cook for myself! No husband to do that anymore! I enjoyed a delicious and super healthy dish that I totally created myself..... and sadly, may not be able to recreate!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decision Made!!

OK, I made a decision for my 2011 marathon.....Marine Corps Marathon 2011!!

My brother lives in northern Virginia and just bought a house, so I could turn the trip into a visit and a marathon! I'm glad the decision is I just wait for the Feb. 23 registration date.

On another note, I registered for Flower City Half Marathon and Boilermaker last week, so I have 2 definites on my running schedule.....better get training, May 1 will come fast!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which Marathon to choose.....Oh my!

Chicago Marathon registration opens Feb. 1, 2011! I really need to make a decision soon!

I am also interested in Marine Corps Marathon and that registration opens Feb. 23, 2011.

A decision will be made soon!! Which one will it be????

I booked a hotel in Chicago, just to make sure I'm covered if that's the one I choose.

Should I book one in D.C. as well......just in case???

Oh decisions decision decisions!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My toes!!!!!

Hey there blog world! It's been a while!!

So, just wanted to check in now that I'm starting to think about my 2011 running schedule........and, vent about my toenails still being bruised from the marathon!! Seriously??

Sorry if this is totally gross, but's been over 2 months!?! How long do I need to wait for all my marathon wounds to be healed??

On to 2011! Yay! This will be a great year, it HAS to be a great year!

My 2011 running schedule is just starting to come together and I'm about to register for my first run this week. It's been a rough 2 months and I've not been very active and kind of put on a bunch of weight. So, I have ALOT of work to do before my first run.

March will mark my first run of 2011 with the St. Patrick's day 5 mile run. I'll follow that up with the Flower City Half Marathon on May 1st, and I'm contemplating adding a very challenging 15K in early April. I've chickened out of that run for the past few years and I really think I need to do it this year! No fear this year!

Also, registration just opened for Boilermaker 2011 in July and I'll be registering this week. Our hotel has been booked since this summer, so that one is ready to go! I'd love to do the Lake Placid half, but not sure if I will add that one in this year. And, thinking about what marathon I want to run in the fall! :) Yep, I'm ready to do it again and do it much better. Thinking of Chicago, but also might put my name in the lottery for NYC again b/c my friend Diane is also in the lottery this year. Fingers crossed that we could both get in!

That's it for now. Starting the Gold's Gym Body Transformation Challenge 2011 next week and I can't wait!

Happy Running!