Friday, June 3, 2011

Unintended Running Break....

Apparently my body would like to take a running time out....I rolled both ankles at my softball game Tuesday night, followed by slamming my foot into the brick fireplace hearth Wednesday night, ripping my pinkie toenail mostly off and turning 2 toes into black and blue messes. Pretty sure there are some broken toes in there somewhere that have yet to be discovered. Seriously?!?

Prior to my softball game, I had a great 4 mile run with Sara, so I thought my body was starting to get back into running mode.....clearly, that wasn't the case. My plan was to run Temple Beth El this coming Sunday, but I'm thinking I will go and cheer my fellow runners. The next race is supposed to be the Fast & Furriest 10k, but I will have to see where I'm at and possibly will have to switch to the 5k. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Boilermaker coming up on July 10th, I can't afford anymore ridiculous, accident prone, clumsy, injuries!!

Happy Running!!

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