Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tundra....or just Rochester, NY.....

So, this will officially be my very first attempt at blogging. What drove me to blog on this particular day is the beautiful weather and the inability for me to start the snowblower. Hopefully, this will fulfill my need to vent that my husband is currently in L.A. while I was snowblowing nearly a foot of snow from the driveway at 7am. I love Alex, I really do, but he needs to understand when it might be appropriate (if ever, considering I'm here and he's there) to tell me about the beautiful sunset he watched last night and how the door to the hotel room is open and overlooks the pool. When he chooses to call at 8:30am (my time) to tell me this wonderful story, it's all I can do to hold my tongue as I had just finished snowblowing the driveway (which he expressed he was very suprised....but how the hell else was I getting to work??), I just left for work (I should be sitting at my desk by 8:30...ooops) and I have no gas in my car (OK, that one is my fault). I have to admit, I was nice to him, but I kindly asked if I could call him back when it was better for me to talk. This put a lid on my frustatration for the moment and allowed me to difuse some anger instead of starting a fight about how I'm here and he's there....blah, blah, blah.

Now, about the snowblower.....I actually talked to my dad about this the other day as I have never actually used the snowblower! I like the more traditional approach to snow removal, get out there with a shovel and scoop it away. My dad called me out on that one when he realized I had never used the snowblower growing up. I had somehow "weaseled" out of that duty as a child. My reply was......I always shoveled! :) Anyway, today I needed to use the snowblower unless I wanted to take a day off work to shovel the driveway. Dad talked me through the process the other day and wonderfully enough, the directions are also printed on the handle! Thank god! However, I thought I did everything right, but the damned thing still wouldn't start and I don't know if maybe I just wasn't pulling the string fast enough...who knows....but I finally realized there is an electrical outlet start as a backup!! YAY!!! I plugged in the machine and low and behold, got it running! 30 minutes later, I had a wonderfully clear driveway and felt quite accomplished....and late for work.

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