Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Team In Training Run

Well, today was the first TNT run at Mendon Ponds park. It was great to meet the rest of the team members and run with the coaches. We started promptly at 7am, leaving from the Beach Parking Lot. Wow, I have never run in the park, but I've heard others talking about how hilly it is. I should have taken them more seriously!! It is very hilly! We did 4 mi and I found another team member, Patricia, who runs at my pace, so we ran together the whole way. The coach, David, ran with us for most of the run which really helped because he was giving us pointers on form and breathing. I have to say, training in Mendon Ponds for the next 18 weeks will definitely prepare me for whatever the Marine Corps Marathon can throw at me!

We also talked about different fundraising ideas, and Patricia and I have decided to get together and do some joint fundraising. She is actually running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco a week before the Marine Corps, so we won't be traveling together unfortunately.

Anyway, I felt great at the end of the run and we ran about a 10:30ish pace for the duration of the 4 mi. Not to shabby!

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