Monday, March 10, 2008


WHEN IS IT GOING TO END!??!! I realize I live in Rochester, NY, but come on, how long is winter going to hang around? We got hit with another 15in of snow over the weekend.....and not just snow, snow mixed with sleet, freezing rain, and these lovely little pellets that were hurled out of the sky at us. I simply cannot wait for a beautiful 60 degree day to roll around. I'm sore as hell from snowblowing for an hour yesterday and then shoveling for another 1/2 hour, although, on the upside, I had a great workout!! Anyway, enough of the whining. Hopefully, someday soon, this will end. I mean really, spring is in 10 days.......RIGHT! Until then, I just might remain a disgruntled Rochestarian.

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