Friday, May 30, 2008

Chase Corporate Challenge '08

Last night was a total blast!! Myself and 7 of my collegues ran/walked the annual Corporate Challenge at RIT. There was a record of over 11,100 participants from over 400 companies in the Rochester area. We had so much fun as we jogged through the 3.5 mi course! It took us a while as we were in the heart of the crowd, but we had so much fun and my co-worker I ran with, Linda, did awesome as this was her first running event! I roped her in about a month ago :)

I have to say, the best part of the night was the post race food provided by our wonderful team captain. He got us all Wegman's sub's with the Wegman's extra super special oil and they were amazing!! I now have a new obsession of Wegman's super secret oil on subs!! I even ate the second half of my sub for breakfast this morning!! All in all, excellent weather, perfect night, yummy beers and food post race and lots of good people! Couldn't ask for a better event! Now.....I need to get ready for Lake Placid!! Ugh! I have scheduled a 10mi run for this afternoon.................Guinness is back to running with me and hopefully will push (or pull) me through this one!!

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