Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guinness & I

Well, Guinness has rejoined the doggie-running-with-owner world and is doing so awesome!! I actually never enjoyed running with him last year because he was all over the place, but tonight, he could not have been better!! It was amazing. Of course, he had just spent the entire day and doggie daycare, so he was already a bit exhausted from romping with his doggie friends, but whatever, he was the perfect running partner. He stayed right next to me and never wandered! Loved it!

Now, I have been hesitant to run with him b/c he was so difficult last year, but what prompted me to take his tonight was his poor report card from daycare. I feel like a bad parent going in there sometimes b/c I generally get the he could be better speech. Love it. Today was no exception, in fact, they asked me not to bring him back tomorrow!! Crap!! My husband is out of town and I have class and the Corporate Challenge. Wonderful, my perfect angel at home, but hellraiser at daycare dog now has to stay cooped up in the house for a million hours tomorrow. Lovely. So, that is why I opted to take him for the run with me, figuring that would encourage him to be a bit more tired and hopefully not too unhappy tomorrow. I'm glad I did b/c now I know he is learning his leash manners when it comes to running and he can accompany me more in the future. In fact, I think I will take him on my 10 mi canal run on friday, I bet that will tire him out!! :)

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