Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to Back.....

This weekend I did a 5k saturday and a 5k sunday. This was a first for me as I generally try to keep it to one race a weekend as I am really a novice runner! Honestly, it wasn't that bad as I would have run 3 miles both days anyway! I definitely ran better on aturday, but the crowd was also smaller by about 500 on saturday! The first run was the Run for the Young in Greece, NY and was a great time with incredibly yummy pizza and fantastic chair massages post race! How could I possibly pass up that race!! I had pretty much the same time as my last 5k, so that's not too bad. The sunday run (Mother's Day) was the annual Pink Ribbon Run for breast cancer and is an all women's run. There were over 800 women running the 5k that morning and it was awesome! It took some time to get to the start and get moving into the course, so I lost about 30 seconds from saturday, but oh well, it was a nice jog along Lake Ontario and a beautiful morning! Both runs were fantastic and I felt good.....for the most part!

I did learn something new about myself this weekend.....don't eat anything after 7pm the night before a race, especially a BLT, Sweet Potato Fries, Lasagna, Garlic Bread & Oil, and Cheesecake! Ugh! My system was not happy at all either morning! So, now I know, I must stick to my running diet before races and never ever eat at 9 or 10pm the night before!! I will absolutely keep that in mind as I get ready for the big Lilac Festival 10k this coming sunday! :)

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