Monday, July 28, 2008

Why am I a Non Runner?

I was asked this question recently by a friend who was wondering why I would call myself a non runner with all the running that I do. I guess I have never really considered myself a runner, even now, even a year after beginning all this training, I still don't think I'm a runner. Even after too many 5K's to count, six 10K's, two 15K's, a half marathon, along with countless hours of running to train for these events, I still don't consider myself a real runner. I am someone who runs and does it because I enjoy it. That's all, nothing more, nothing less. I'm not going to win anything and I'm not competing with anyone except myself. The rush I feel when I'm out there ticking off the miles, is the best rush I could imagine. When I finally see that finish line, whether it's the big Fleet Feet arch, or simply my house, I feel so absolutely alive and accomplished. I feel like I could take on the world. The fresh air surging through my lungs and the beautiful environment I'm surrounded with is incomparable. I especially love running in the morning when everything is at peace and the deer are munching away in the fields and the dew is still on the ground, that is what it is all about. Having the opportunity to be fully aware of the beauty that is around us every single day that we never really stop to admire. That is what running is to me. It's about peace and serenity and being at one with the environment if only for a moment. So, when asked why I don't consider myself a runner, I answer, because I'm not a runner, I'm just someone who loves to run for the pure joy of it.

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