Sunday, August 3, 2008


I know it's been a little bit since I've updated my training status, and that is most likely due to my denial of an injury. I have been dealing with increasing hip pain over the past 3-4 weeks and last week I simply couldn't ignore it anymore. I tend to view pain as a temporary thing that I can just work through and move on. However, when the pain begins to prevent me from sleeping, walking, sitting, or just about anything that I'm doing, I need to pay attention. This hip pain has just been annoying for a few weeks, but I figured I'd eventually go to the chiropractor and be all set. When I set out on the 10 mi run last week, I was in excruciating pain with every step. It eventually wore off and I finished the 10 miles, however, I had difficulty walking within an hour of that. So, based on the coaches recommendation as well as my teammates, I made an appt with my chiro for 8am that Monday morning. When I saw my chiropractor, he thought it might be bursitis based on the location of my pain, and possibly some tendinitis. No biggy, he told me to cut my running by 50% and substitute with biking. I could totally do that....or so I thought!

I spent all last week half biking and limping through a short run. A mile here and there, but the pain was getting to be too much. I was having problems sleeping, I can no longer lay on my right side at all, and every time I put weight on my right leg, I have shooting pain. It's like a shock in my hip with every step. It radiates out from the hip joint and then fades after a minute. So, I was back at my chiropractor on Thursday, extremely frustrated b/c I had been resting, icing, taking Ibuprofen, and doing everything he told me to do, but not feeling any better, in fact, possibly feeling worse. So, he poked and prodded and pulled on my leg, then did an ultrasound to check some tendons and decided I needed x-rays because I may actually have a stress fracture in my hip. Sweet! So, now I'm totally banned from running until further notice and sooo not happy about that. I am going to make an appt with my primary care doctor for tomorrow and have her check me out, do the x-rays and go from there. I will have another update when I know more of what's going on.

On another note, I had to recommit to the fundraising and marathon training this past Friday (Aug. 1). With my current condition and just not knowing what is going on, I was not able to recommit. Hopefully I can transfer my fundraising to a later marathon, but that is pending doctors and stuff. All of this does not mean I'm done running, it just means I need to take a little break, take a step back, and build more slowly toward my goal of a marathon. So I don't make it this year. You bet your ass I'll be at Marine Corps next year!! And, I will be stronger than ever!

So, I will update again when I know more.........

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