Monday, September 8, 2008

I think I'm ready

I went for a 6mi run today to make sure my hip could hold up in the half. I figured if I could do 6 with no pain, I should be good for this weekend. I had some pain initially but then it faded and all was good! Yay! I'm still a little nervous, but I think I should be alright. I head to one more appt with the Ortho today and then I should be able to close the book on this injury! I can't wait for this weekend, although, it's saying it may rain! I suppose that's better than 90 degree's and sun when running that long!

Now, while the run itself was fine and I felt good, I do have 2 complaints. One, running on packed gravel sucks. It just simply sucks! They tore up my road a month ago and have yet to repave it! What the hell!!! It's now totally packed gravel and they even lined it, which doesn't give me hope that it's getting paved anytime soon. So, half of my run was on packed gravel and the other half on regular paved roads....thank god they didn't tear up the other streets in my neighborhood! OK, second complaint, a freaking UPS driver nearly took me out at a street corner! He stopped way short of the stop sign, looked at me as I was approaching the street to cross and then out of nowhere, gunned it to pull out into the road!! There weren't even any cars coming, so it wasn't like he would have to sit there for an hour if he didn't take that opportunity to pull out!! He cut the corner really close and was literally inches from me. Sweet! I absolutely gave him a piece of my mind as I was running off! So frustrating!

Alright, off to my friend Maria's house for a super duper fun Mary Kay party! :)

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