Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really Bad News

It's official, I will not be running anytime in the near future. My Ortho put me on crutches today and wants to monitor the stress fracture closely because (little did I know) a hip stress fracture is really bad news. If not treated, it can quickly splinter further into the hip bone causing the hip to displace and the need for a pin to be placed in the hip to stabilize. So, I definitely don't want a pin to be placed in my hip!! Ugh! Of course, I had to tell him I did the half marathon this past weekend, and that went over really well. He had me confirm that I was probably in some pain after that and of course, I couldn't lie, I was definitely feeling some pain. He showed me the MRI and it's very clear where the fracture is buried in my hip. He wants me to only be 10% weight bearing on my right leg so the hip has some time to heal. He also wants to see me every 2 weeks to make sure the fracture has not spread, causing the myriad of other issues in my hip.

This is so frustrating simply because I just love running and it's fall, so it's the perfect time of year to be out there pounding the pavement. I have a bunch of runs I was surpassed to do in the next month and now I'm out of everything. I can't even sneak a run in b/c Alex would absolutely kick my butt and really, he would have every right to do that because the repercussions of damaging my hip further would be horrible. So, I'm back to doing nothing and just keeping an eye on how I'm feeling and getting this hip to heal so I can get back to being super active again.


The Bakers... said...

Melissa - I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. I know how you like to get out and run. Take it easy and let's home it heals quickly!!

The Bakers... said...

You can run, but AT LEAST YOU COULD BLOG.

The Bakers... said...

I meant to say, you CAN'T run..