Saturday, September 13, 2008

The night before....

Ok, I'm trying to keep my nerves and at bay, but I know my training has been minimal since the stress fracture and I know that is going to impact my run tomorrow. I just need to not let it get into my head too much. It's also going to be muggy and in the 70's, definitely much different than last years half where it was 45 degree's at the start! I've been hydrating a lot and my friends and I just had a nice pasta dinner with all the fixings! I'm having an eloctrolyte drink right now and then off to bed to try and get a good nights rest!

Actually, funny story about the sleeping thing.....I woke my husband up at 7:26 this morning as I started swearing at the top of my lungs because I thought I overslept and was about to miss the start of the half marathon!! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my running clothes and then realized today was Saturday! Duh! Alex was soooo pissed! Seriously! Lucky for me I was able to fall back asleep and stay there until 9am, poor Alex couldn't get back to sleep and finally got out of bed at 8am. Ooops!

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