Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's been a while....

I have been a bit crazy with grad school and the internship, so my posting has fallen to the wayside! (Sorry Judy!) I've also been thinking about the direction I might take this thing because I'm not running for the moment, and it's hard to write a journal about something I'm not doing!! A quick update on the stress fracture in my hip....saw the Ortho on Tuesday and after some X-Rays, he said it's healing nicely and I can start putting up to 40% weight on my leg. I'm still on the crutches for another 2 weeks, but he thinks he will be able to take me off of them after my next 2 week visit. Whoo Hoo! I have absolutely decided not to run again until after the 1st of the year so I can have enough time to make sure the hip is healed and start strengthening it again.

OK, so I am thinking I might go with an election discussion as that is a pretty hot topic right now, and something that gets me all kinds of fired up! It has also taken over my life (in addition to school) for the past few weeks and months. Alex & I hosted a debate party for the first Presidential debate and my friend Dina came over, along with some other Rochestarians who we connected with through the NY Obama website. We also went to see Bill Maher Live at Cornell University this past weekend and he was brilliant!! Alex, Dina, myself, and our friend Cliff took a road trip to see him this past Sunday and it was so absolutely worth it!! Raunchy as hell, but I just loved everything he said....however, Dina & I felt really bad for the sign language interpreter who had to sign some of those words!! We also ordered our yard sign and have looked into some of the Rochester helps Ohio/Pennsylvania road trips. It really is an amazing feeling to be a part of this in the hopes that our country will realize we need something new because the old just isn't working anymore!

So, we are now preparing for tonight's much anticipated V.P. debate! Our friend Jeff (and possibly Mara) is coming over and we have discussed some possible Sara Palin drinking games....for example: every time she says "shore up the economy" you drink 1....every time she says "Alaska keeps an eye on Russia" you drink 2.....every time she cracks a joke about Biden's age you drink 3 (for the sheer stupidity of that remark)....and so on!! OK, maybe that was a little low, but seriously, I am insulted that McCain's camp believes that simply by placing a woman on the ticket, they will get a woman's vote. Are they delusional? Really? Just any old woman and I should vote for her? I was a Hillary supporter, so I'm part of that target group, and I wouldn't even entertain the idea of voting this woman into the second most important office in our country. I voted for Hillary in the primary and was really hoping she could grab that nomination, but not because she's a woman, because she represents many things I align with and support. I respect McCain, I really do, he sacrificed a lot for this country.......WAY BACK WHEN!! There has to be a change. Something has to give in this country because the direction we are headed in is not good for many many reasons beyond the economy. How about Education? Does anyone realize what we are doing to the children of this country, or should I say not doing? How about we focus more energy on the inside instead of the outside. There is enough turmoil within our own borders to keep the government busy for years to come, yet, we choose to spend our energy and resources on others.....who don't even want us there!! But I digress.....and I will get off my little soap box now!

I guess, take what you want from this posting. I guess the big message here is GET OUT THERE, REGISTER, AND VOTE!! I don't care if you vote for my candidate or the other guy, (as Nike put it) just do it!! It is your right and duty as a US citizen to help make a difference. Also, I certainly welcome other opinions and ideas as I feel it always offers an opportunity for personal growth when you hear others perceptions and thoughts.

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The Bakers... said...

Dooce was taking a drink every time she said MAVERICK. You missed some lively discussion in the office this morning!