Friday, August 15, 2008

Ortho Appt.

No real news here, I met with the doctor and he (just like everyone else) says I have a stress fracture. He wanted an immediate MRI and to see me back on Monday before I go on vacation....however, due to my husbands insurance being out of area, they couldn't schedule anything until it was approved. Sweet, gotta love insurance companies, but I'm not going to start on that one. Anyway, I have to call back first thing Monday morning to schedule and hopefully get it done before I leave, but it's not looking good.

What I did learn is that a stress fracture can be detected with an X-Ray, but not very well. The MRI will actually show the stress fracture much clearer than the X-Ray. So, until I meet him again, he absolutely forbade me from running at all.....and of course I was thinking 'yeah, I got it!!' I love running, but at the same time, I also love walking and dancing and all the other fun stuff I can do with two functional hips! :) I promise, no running until I'm totally healed!!

On another note, Alex & I went to our friends house for an amazing homemade Italian dinner. Colleen & I met through running, but Ange and Alex bonded over bolognese sauce while we were running the Boilermaker last month!! So, Ange told Alex he would have us over for dinner and make his famous bolognese sauce. It was nothing short of fantastic! We had a wonderful dinner, wonderful conversation, then enjoyed dessert (thank you Wegman's) while watching some of the Olympics. It was a fantastic evening! Huge thanks to Colleen & Ange!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Can you believe I just read this on Sept. 15th! I was looking for an old e-mail and came across one of yours with your blog address. Sorry I haven't been keeping up but I've been thinking about you and how you're healing! I went to the Roch. marathon yesterday to cheer on my cousin who ran the full in that awful heat and humidity...more power to her! Anyway, thanks for mentioning us in your blog, we had a great evening with you. More later. Colleen