Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running again......

Little by little I'm starting to run again. Yay! OK, very little running, but I'm planning a nice little 2.5 miler for tomorrow, and that will be the furthest I've run since the hip injury. I'm hoping to do a few 5K's this weekend....we'll see how the next few days go! Oh yeah, I did have a minor set back within the first 5 min of arriving at our friends house the first day of vacation. Their 90lb doberman and my 55lb aussie were chasing each other at mock 10 and in their furry, they slammed into my left hip which crushed my body weight into my right hip. Tears were in my eyes immediately as the pain was unbelievable. After a few days, I was feeling a bit better again, but damn! That was not a great way to start off!!

We are back from vacation and it was fantastic! Many good times were had by all! We had amazing weather all week and spent a good about of time on the beach in Cape Cod and then Gloucester, Ma. We took Guinness with us and introduced him to the ocean.......while he loved the water (yeah, he thinks he's a water dog), the salt water was a new and interesting taste for him. He took in enough of it to make him vomit around 7am and then have diarhea the entire next day. Sweet! Otherwise he loved it and I have some beautiful pictures of him and Alex romping in the ocean at sunset. So cute!! Guinness also made a new girlfriend in the 90lb. doberman named Nikki, that we stayed with our first night in MA. He had a blast chasing after her, he is such a ladies man! They even shared a goodbye kiss when we were saying goodbye to her owners (they thought no one was looking).

We also spent an absolutely wild and crazy night in Provincetown for Carnival. Wow.....that's about all I have to say about that! It was absolute insanity and I loved it!! We were at the parade and then stayed in town to party our asses off all night long! It was a kick ass night that ended with Spiritus pizza and some very interesting pictures.....

We also spent 2 of the most perfect beach days of the entire summer at Good Harbor beach in Gloucester with our friend Patti. It was so relaxing and gave me an opportunity to finally finish Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I pick up that book during all of my breaks from grad school and I have been so anxious to finish it before classes start next week, so, these 2 beach days were the perfect opportunity for me to lay on the beach and finish a fantastic book! Alex and I both got great tans and had an incredible time crashing into the huge waves that were rolling in during Sunday's beach trip. Neither of us could truly remember the last time we had that much fun in the ocean!! It was a blast!!

All in all, it was a great week and a perfect way to bring the summer to a close! Here's to the last few days of summer fun!! CHEERS!!

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The Bakers... said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Now - HIT THE BOOKS!