Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Resting...

Yep, still inactive. I went for a hike with Alex yesterday at Letchworth State Park, and it was going well until I slipped on some uneven ground and landed on my right leg. The blast of pain that shot through my hip was blinding. Anyway, my hip is still sensitive to some weight bearing activities, but it's definitely getting better. I just have to make sure to come back slowly and continue to stay on top of how my body is responding to running in particular.

On another note, Letchworth is amazingly beautiful and exactly what Alex & I needed yesterday. It was a really easy walk along the Gorge Trail and I took some amazing pictures! We are definitely planning a trip back there to hike some of the other trails (once I'm feeling much better of course). I think the fall would be perfect at Letchworth!

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