Monday, August 18, 2008

Unemployed, Vacation, & a fantastic weekend....

Today is my first official day as an unemployed woman! I left my job at Nazareth College to finally finish my Masters degree in School Counseling at the Warner School, University of Rochester. I have my final internship this coming academic year, so I won't be able to keep a full time job and spend a few days a week in a high school. I'm absolutely looking forward to the internship and graduating in May '09! I began this degree program at Suffolk University in Boston back in January of 2005. I can't believe I'm finally going to graduate!! I have an internship placement at East HS which is part of the Rochester City School district and also has a very solid School Counseling model in place. This is exactly what I'm looking for because I am very drawn to working with urban youth and I feel this placement will give me the experience I need as a counselor. So, today begins my year as a full time student, wow, it's been soooo long since I have held that title!! Thank you to all my new friends from Nazareth! You have been amazing to work with and I look forward to keeping in touch.

Today also marks the beginning of vacation! Alex & I (along with Derek, Jodi, Chris, & Alana) have tickets to the Maroon 5, Counting Crows, & Sara Bareilles concert at Darien Lake tonight and then we leave for Cape Cod/Gloucester/Boston tomorrow morning. We will spend time visiting with friends back in MA and hanging on the beach. I can't wait!! What a perfect way to end the summer!

This weekend, we also celebrated the marriage of our friends Nancy & Dwight and it was an amazing ceremony and reception. Congrats to Nancy & Dwight!! Alex & I had a fantastic time!!

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Have a wonderful vacation! We'll miss you!!!