Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day Two...& other fun news!

I was back at the gym again this morning for my Cardio Interval class that I love and have missed so much over the past few months! I did everything very low impact, no jumping and I generally balanced myself on my left leg for upper body stuff, but I still got a very good workout! I'm taking Guinness to the park later and that will round out my exercise for today. I'm feeling good, but I'm still going to take it easy, I don't want to re injure it or need surgery!

Last night, I had a great time relaxing with a night to myself as Alex is in Gettysburg with his brother, nephew, and nieces. They are all very interested in spirits and ghost hunting, so what better place to do some searching! They are also lucky to be down there right now b/c the Travel Channel show Most Haunted did their first ever live ghost hunt in Gettysburg last night. They have scheduled a ghost walk for tonight in the same house the show was in last night! I can't wait to hear all about it! Judy, I will write about all the details just for you, I know how much you love this stuff!!

In other great news....the Red Sox beat Tampa Bay last night in the first game of the ALS!! Whoo Hoo!! Go Sox! Game two is tonight, let's hope they keep the momentum going!

Quick shout out to a soon to be birthday boy......tonight is my friend Jeff's big 30th bash!! He turns the big 3-0 tomorrow and we will surely be doing a midnight toast to welcome him to the 30's club!! Congrats Jeff!!

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The Bakers... said...

LUCKY ALEX!! I DO love that stuff!! I was at Hildene (Robert Todd Lincoln's home) and it is supposedly haunted too!!!